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Ask for doughts(by Faizan)

Ask for any dought.

Suggested by Faizan

  1. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    how to make samsung star games fit to samsung corby’s screen

  2. Tell me the resolution of the corby,for eg in the samsun g star in 240×320 and landscape 320×240 tell me from the corby.

    • Mahesh permalink

      Hai anyone please help me about the operamini that switch automatically portrait to landscape using accelerometer.Please help me…

  3. rocking.darsh14 permalink


  4. s5600user permalink

    Hello i am new here i am curiently using samsung s5600gt which is 320×240 is there a program that can resize games to fit my screen?
    This is identical what rocking.darsh14 said
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Yes there is a program that can recisd and make full touch the games that are not i will search for it and post it
    stay in touch

  6. KM-990 permalink

    how to change languange in iphone firmware???
    in english……
    sorry bad english 😦

  7. There is an only way.
    Ad is editing thye .rc1 file in thepc,you cannot change it in the phone.

  8. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    pls answer my question

  9. Faizan permalink

    heyy…thanxx for this section!!
    realli needed it
    and thanx for putting my name n it …you are the best 😀

  10. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    can i get game widget for samsung corby one there in samsung star.this time plsssssssssssss answer

  11. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    pls answer

  12. Faizan permalink

    @rocking darsh
    type ‘How to install widgets’ in the search bar…then scroll down a little bit when the page loads
    there will ba a post with the name ‘How to install widgets’

    u can use that to create the game widget 🙂

  13. Very good faizan “directing” his section lol…
    If you want you can help the community here faizan…

  14. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    thnx faizan

  15. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    now faizan can u answer my first question on how to make samsung star games and apps fit to corby’s screen

  16. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    plssssssssssssssssssssss answer samsungstarfun

  17. KM-990 permalink

    can samsung star wifi use the iphone firmware???

  18. xxxx permalink

    can u tell me
    how can i get fingerprint scanner full version for samsung star

  19. Faizan permalink

    im not sure rocking darsh…but if u know the resolution of ur corby then maybe u can use the software on this blog to convert java games to the size of ur phone…
    ull find the software on this blog

  20. Faizan permalink

    ive tried the iphone firmware on my ‘without wi-fi’ star version….
    it has no wi-fi option in it…

    so the iphone firmware can definately be installed on ur samsung star wi-fi…..but there will be no option to access wifi 😦

    the person who made the iphone firmware made it for the without wi-fi star…so he didnt put the wi-fi option in it

  21. Is there a real wifi version of the phone?
    Becouse i have searched a lot here in argentina but i can’t find it.

  22. Ravi Tiwari permalink


    i m using samsung star. whenever i try to run any jar file….it says unsupported file format…i m stuck

    please help me out….


  23. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    pls give me the download link for games and more widget and message widget for samsung corby plssssssssssss

  24. rocking.darsh14:does the star games work on the corby??

  25. Ravi Tiwari permalink

    @ Marco

    thanks for ur reply….
    i hav used several jar /jad file posted in this blog….also i hav a few in my collection…but none of them shows up….all of them shows unsupported file format


  26. thats because you have not flashed the phone.
    Here is how to do it…
    Beware because it deletes ALL.

  27. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    yeah all the games work but does not on corbys screen

  28. bhagat permalink

    plz find landscape fifa game for samsung star….

  29. LEMUREEN permalink

    cam you get wi-fi on the samsung star by like flashing it, and if you can please make a tut 🙂

  30. bhagat: There are not sport games in landscape mode.
    LEMUREEN: If you don’t have the samsung star wifi you can’t install it by flashing becouse is something fisical, is a chip that gives the phone the “ability” to have wi fi…

  31. Adarsh permalink

    I cannot install widgets on my phone. When I open the .htm file it restarts the phone. I’ve tried to upload it on the net but when I download it directly to my phone it says “Unsupported Content”.
    I have also tried to download it using “More Widgets” but it doesn’t work. Can you help me?

  32. Thats becouse you haven’t flashed the phone.

  33. KM-990 permalink

    Hi, everything’s working fine with my star, then i tried the codes, went to internals folder.. saw DEBUG folder, it was set to low, i actually dont know what that was for, i selected/changed it to HIGH, my phone suddenly restarted, when it came on, i just see black screen with yellow line on the top saying UPLOAD DATA TO PC, i cant do anything else. i tried restarting the phone, pressing several buttons, still has the same thing.. what should i do? is my phone busted already? HELP Please!!!
    thanks a lot.

  34. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    can u pls tell me the way of making samsung star landscape games fit to samsung corby’s screen

  35. KM-990:Listen carefully.
    try this…
    First turn your phone off take out the mmc(memory card) and the sim too.
    Now try trning the phone normally.
    If can’t then try loading your phone with the wall loader.
    If the screen turns on then try turning it on like normally but without taking out the loader cable if it turns well 🙂
    If not then(i have a lot of ideas)try connecting your phone(off) to the pc with the usb cable,if not then (this one is the last tell me and i will think of more ideas)unplug the phone from everywhere(i mean usb loader all…)and turn it by download mode(touching the -vol key the key that ussualy turns on the phone and th block key at the same time)it should turn on and say download mode.
    what are we going to do here is the last thing don’t do it without telling me.we are going to reset al the software of the phone(more technical,we are going to flash it from 0)
    Try everithing except this,if any works just tell me…and i continue explaining this…

    • SamsungGt-5032 permalink

      samsungstarfun i need your help immediately i did the same as KM-990 (turn debug to high )and now I cant d anything i followed your advice but still nothing!what else can I do ?please help me

  36. rocking.darsh14: Tell me whats the problem i’ve seen you saying these since i started my blog lol.
    You said it has the same resolution,so what’s the problem?

  37. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    the landscape games of the samsung star does not fit to corbys screen
    samsung stars landscape resolution is 240×400
    samsung corby’s landscape resolution is 240×320`

    pls tell mme the way in how to make samsung star landcape games fit to corby’s landscape mode

  38. We’ll test something.
    Download this game.
    Install it and tell me if the resolution is right.

  39. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    the resolution is not right. plsssssssss tell me the way

  40. KM-990 permalink

    ok I’ll try …..
    and I will let you know a few momentz……

  41. rocking.darsh14: I don’t know i made a few mod on the manifest
    I will investigate for an app that changes the resolution automatically.
    KM-990: Ok,i’ll be waiting for you rponse(hope to be happy)

  42. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    plssssssssssssssss fast man

  43. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    no man it did not fit

  44. I have no idea,i will continue searching…

  45. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    plsssssssssssss search it plsssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  46. Marko permalink

    I have a question….
    You can play .swf files on your samsung star.(like flash videos etc. no games though.)
    But is it posible to convert .swf files to .jar files?
    Let me know.

  47. You can play swf movies,not games.
    I haven’t tryed converting but i think it wont work becouse a swf movie cannot be converted into a game.
    Maybe a game yes but it won’t work well( if it work)…

  48. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    plsssssssssssss tell me the way

  49. Marko permalink

    Can you keep the files in ”My files” in ”icon mode”?
    because when you click it it starts in ”list mode”.
    But can you keep it in ”icon mode”.

  50. The only way to have it in icon mode is tapping the Rectangle.

  51. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    plsssssss answer my question yaar

  52. 0831081764 permalink

    I have seen iphone firmware for samsung star(s5230). That is very nice but, I use samsung star wifi(s5233w) Do you have it.

  53. 0488892066 permalink

    i have installed the iphone player but how to put song on it ?
    sorry for bad language i’m from belgium.

  54. 0831071765 permalink

    i installed the iphone player but how to put songs on it?

    • 0831081764 permalink

      it have playlist menu you must make your own playlist.

  55. Mahesh permalink

    Any body helpme about the operamini that supports accelerometer and switches automatically from portrait to landscape.

  56. Mahesh permalink

    How can i get the installed application icons to desktop widgets list.i mean like as shortcut for that application
    Sorry for my english.

    • you can’t put games widgets,what you can do is put the games widget ti acces all the games with just a touch from the desktop…

  57. hello sir, I want to install a new firmware to my samsung star, but I can’t connect with the PC studio. My USB Driver CD had lost. I’ve installed the PC Studio ( version ) but it can’t connect too.. What should I do? Because since i bought this phone it can’t connect to computer -_-” Can you help me? Thanks before

  58. umair permalink

    from where i can convert jar files into jad because samsung star cant run jar files???

    • If you flash your samsung star and then use jad converter you can use them.
      Remember to tell your friends about the website because when the downloads of the samsung star app store reach 1000 a new vertion will be released including the ja converter that you need.

      • Ward permalink

        is there a way to flip your screen with games, like for example: Angry Birds?

      • what you mean flip?
        try the 2 angry birds that come in the rar in the app store 1 is landscape and the other is normal…

      • Ward permalink

        i mean with flip, like 90 degrees turn (i think you call it landscape), and do you mean with app store, that FUNtouch program

        (sorry if im asking stupid questions)

      • i’ll try these days and tell you if its posible…

  59. niels permalink

    how do you instal .rar files on your samsung star?
    i now only how to instal .jar files.

  60. Snow permalink

    installed iPhone firmware, and cant reach my files, help!

    please respond quick

  61. Mahesh permalink

    Hello Guys,

    I have the Star s5233 GT ….i want to change the firmware version to the coolest one….please help..I see on search where everyone has loaded iphone version. and andriod version etc…also angry birds to load…

  62. Ashwani permalink

    how to intall the games on nokia x2-01 ?

  63. HOW TO PUT IN MY SAMSUNG STAR this thing “New version is available 1.2 !!!” ?????|??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

  64. How do i put apps on samsung star ?!?!? :S somoene awnser pls :S

  65. GaNs permalink

    How can I install all of this in my phone ?
    Can someone tell me ?
    All of the games, all of the widgets, all in the Funtouch App Store(all of the thinks in that program) ??
    Please tell me !!

    • You first need to flash your phone(search for flash the samsung star) and then just pick the file from your computer, and move it by usb to the phone.
      Then with the phone just tap on the file and if it is a game or application(.jar/.jad) it will install.

  66. nazaal haider permalink

    can i use my samsung star camera as a web cam ? if , how ?

  67. Can i use my samsung star camera as a webcam vie usb cable ?

  68. OMar EL mahdy permalink

    where can i find the country of samsung star ii GT-S5263 in samsung kies please answer 😀

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