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Doodle Jump (Iphone game)

As i saw that many people were asking for this game.(@sumit asked for it)
I am posting it so you an play it.
If you get any error after installing it just reboot your phone and it will work fine.
I did 56000 point of record.
Tell me your records.

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As the blog is expanding to reach more people and more information and posts. We are looking for people who can start sharing content for the blog…
You can start sharing content in this post and then I post it or you can ASK ME FOR AN ACCOUNT TO WRITE ON THE BLOG.
The Account will be given if you post everyday or at lest 2 days.
You can start posting content of ANY touch phone that you want so the blog has more content.

Change Sound Camera Lg Cookie

Here’s the tutorial to teach you how to modify the camera shuttersound on your LGCookie.

You need to know how to send a CUST partition to the LG Cookie:

Turn off your phone. Install all drivers.  LG-Cookie info
Copy your (modified) CUST partition on the C:\ with the name CUST_Modified (without extension!)
Open KP500-Utils-En. Option “C”, then “\\.\USB1″, then “C:\KP500.flb” (sec-pack file, same of unlocking ) and then “C:\CUST_Modified”.

If all is right, the program send it to your LG Cookie.


Modify the camera shuttersound on your LG Cookie:

For the Shuttersound, go with WinImage into LGAPP\Media\EventSounds. Copy/pastefiles “0* Shutter Sound 0*.mp3″, “Multi-Shutter Sound *.mp3″, “Low Battery.mp3″ and “Low Battery-Louder.mp3″ on your Desktop.

Open them with Audacity. You see a sort of “line” blue. It’s the sound. Select all, and Cut. Save your empty sound on your desktop with the original name on your desktop instead of the original. Then deplace your empty sound on your CUST partition through WinImage. Erase before the original sounds.

Then save your partition. It’s done, enjoy!


Free Web Browsing For Lg Cookie/Samsung Star(HAVEN’T TRYED IT)

1. if your globe sim card is not yet activated for inet, then configure it manually.. go to connectivity then go to access points, make a new one and name it Globe inet..then on the APN put this “” without the ”

2. then after that, go to internet profiles, make a new profile and name it globe inet.. name it Globe inet. then choose to use a proxy.. then enter this proxy address “”.. and then it the proxy server port, put “80”.. then on the access point choose Globe inet..


3. now you need to make another internet profile.. so make a new one. name it “proxy”.. then choose to use proxy, and then enter this proxy “” then on the proxyserver port put “80”..then on the access point put Globe inet..

4. ok now your done configuring your globe inet settings,. next step is to go to games and apps, then choose settings, then choose profiles, and add profile.. name the profile “proxy”. then on the internet profile choose “proxy” then save it and activate it..

now all is configured so the last step is to install the opera mini to your LG Cookie or Samsung Star


Few Tips For LG Cookie

LG Cookie KP500 tips

  • Every submenu where is list of something (mp3, SMS etc.), if filename (mp3) is too long to display and you need to see it all the way or under sender name/number (SMS) phone display few first words of message.
  • You can force your phone to display it like scrolling text to the left.
  • How? By keeping your finger pressed on that row (SMS, mp3 etc.)…
  • Beware, if you remove your finger it will open it… you can avoid that if you slide your finger out.


Flashing Lg Cookie

In this tutorial you will see how to flash lg cookie with new firmware.

– First off all you should make a backup of your phone files (contacts, messages …) because after flashing, all the files saved on the phone will be erased. I recommend that you use LG PC SuiteII.
– Dont forget to unplug your phone.

FIRMWARE LG KP500 KP500AT-00-V10n-DEC-17-2008 (v10N) NEW!…N_Firmware_rar

FLASHER LG – MultiGSM ver 3.0 + kp500 .dll file…SMULTI_V30_rar

(Don’t connect your phone on computer yet)

Downloaded files should be un-ziped (I unziped them in one folder which i made it on desktop)

You got next files:
– KP500_081002.dll

– KP500AT-00-V10n-CIS-XXX-DEC-17-2008
– KP500AT-00-V10n-CIS-XXX-DEC-17-2008.bin.mbn

3.1.) Install GSMULTI (SETUP_GSMULTI_V30). The icon will shows on your desktop otherwise the program install on C disk, folder GSMULTI
– start GSMULTI
– select: Settings/Configuration

– put .dll file and firmware file in and choose USB then click OK and close program

Drivers to be found in install folder of GSMMULTI program. My path is C:\GSMULTI\UsbDrivers

– First install INFINEON

– Now u take a phone (shut it down) and remove, BATTERY, SIM CARD and MEMORY CARD then
– conect it with your USB cable to computer (I suggest that u connect only in one USB port on computer)
– wait about one minute that comuputer recognize new device

– Run program USBMap_V01 (which can be found in C:\GSMULTI)
– Select INFINEON and then click MAPPING START

-WAIT (about one minute) that USBMAP will find USB port where is the phone connected
– When the port will be found click on (select it) and press SAVE&EXIT

– Run GSMULTI program (shourtcut is in your desktop)
– Check if settings/configuration are the same like we set it before (otherwise look step 3.1.)

– Now its everything ready to start flashing
– Check MODEL and SW VERSION and if that is correct just click START and wait until the program finished

– And voila, here we have a new firmware version

Installing custom firmwares

Sorry people for not answering you questions this days I was busy,I am here again and want the website daily visits to go up so start asking visiting and downloading the samsung star app store I made it for you all…
And for this question that I saw it lots of times…
Instead of flashing the phone,you open the multiloader,connect the phone via usb in download mode(holding the – vol key the block key and the key to turn on the phone)and then select the files and upload it to your phone ,tata! ,turn it on and there you have…
But be careful that the tings in the phone memory are deleted,including the installed games,so BE CAREFUL!

Yes,but if you only upload the .rc1 file you don’t have your phone reseted.
The .rc1 file (of what i have been learning,alone, is the menu of the phone) so if you only upload that file the menu changes and the phone doesn’t reset.
But if you want the easy java the touch improvement and all that additional thingies well you will have to upload all files but have your phone reseted.
It resets ALL:msg,installed games(be careful you will have to reinstll them) (if you have any saved game you will loose it) (taht happened to me and i lost 
Hope to have helped yo