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Request a game

This new page is made for the ones that doesn’t want to use the searcher.

Here you can request your game instead of the searcher,i will answer to you very fast.

The same if the game isn’t in any post i will search for it.

  1. Kresno permalink

    i want crazy taxi 3D landscape

  2. Dylan permalink

    hii i would like that game or app that you locked the phone like an ipod touch

    • ghost permalink

      please give me all the accelerometer games that you can use with the samsung star Gt- ‘samsung star wifi’ :*)

  3. Kresno: I give you the link.Here you have a pack of landscape game,there is the crazy taxi :
    Dylan: like the vid one,you too have it in a pack,here it is:

    Hope to have helped you both,answer me to tell me about…

    • ghost permalink

      can you give the names off all games with accelerometer for the samsung star please?

  4. Kresno permalink

    i have downloaded it, but there are only 5 games ( sonic, nitro street, spiderman, assassin’s creed 2, and GT Racing )

    • kaivalya permalink

      does the game work on ur mobile
      my games doesn`t work
      is the any crack or some thing

      plz reply

  5. alex permalink

    Hey, i can never find assasins creed HD, can u tell me the link please?

    *I’m sorry for my English, i am from The Netherlands

  6. Here is the link: You installe it normaly,if it gives you an error try doing this.
    To install games and aplicattions that are more than 900kb example:Assasines Creed HD
    installed after the game to see what starts down memory error and then appear not enogh, for this problem type the following

    * # 6984125 * #
    weโ€™ll be out the hidden menu and entered
    Internals password we will ask us click the rectangle and type Basio
    * # 9072641 * # then
    storage settings and look after Update Update Java DB database aap
    Create Ax finally dat file
    and ready.

    • Aki permalink

      i wanna ask something this link u send i see there is ac 2 and not ac hd can u send the link for downlad ac hd the 3d one the first that don’t open on the samsung apps i downloaded from here

  7. cell permalink

    I want igun for samsung star with sound
    my version has no sound

    thx !

  8. I tryed the one that is here in the blog and it has sound.
    Try turning it up with the keys at the left of the phne.

  9. cell permalink

    can you give me the downloadlink the igun video on this site

    i have tried on the keys of the side of the phone but it is still without sound ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    thx !

    i hope that version has sound on my star !

  10. cell permalink

    i have found it bud i got no sound ! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    pleas help

  11. alex permalink

    i have one question, can the samsung star have some widgets from the iphone? so yes, where can i find it?
    i thank u very mutch ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. alex permalink

    and if u can find Anrufen Online in the english version (it doesnt matter if it isnt full touch) i would be veeeeeeeeery happy ๐Ÿ˜›
    thnk u vry mutch

  13. Alex,for the phone there are some widgets extra to download.
    I don’t know if they are like the iphone ones but there are more widgets.
    Cell,i have no idea but i have sound i will continue searching for it until i find one with sound.
    The Anrufen Online isn’t a mobile app.Is for the pc.

  14. kresno permalink

    Can u give me a link for crazy taxi 3d landscape? because the link u gave is not working, there are no crazy taxi 3d landscape

  15. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    what is the code for samsung corby s3653 for making a game work which is more than 900 kb and where to type that code

  16. rocking.darsh14: i will search for it i never heared of that samsung.
    kresno: try this :

    There you have multi.mirrors to select on downloading the file.

  17. rocking.darsh14 permalink


  18. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    can i get smackdown vs raw 2010 less than 900 kb for samsung corby s3653 full touchscreen

  19. no,it has more than 900 kb
    Pd: steel searching and nothing,if you have the samsung page at least no see how is the phone it will help a lot.

  20. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    how to put an accelometer in samsung corby s3653

  21. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    give me the download link for sims pet 2 plsssssssssssssssssss

  22. I don’t have the sims 2 i have the 3 one.
    Here in this pack it is.
    I need info for corby and i’ll search and start posting games of it.

  23. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    samsung corby s3653
    no accelerometer(how to put it)

    • i want asphalt 4 accelerometer.I cant find it anywhere.
      please answer me soon

  24. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    can i get a finger print app for samsung corby s3653

  25. kresno permalink

    the crazy taxi is not 3d its 2d, im looking for the 3d. and do u hav the igun app with sound?

  26. Kresno: that crazy taxi is the only one that i have heared of.
    Rocking.darsh14: acelerometer = something inseide the phone,if the corby doesn’t have it you can’t put it,is something that goes inside the phone,something fisical,not digital.

  27. kresno permalink

    Do u hav iphone firmware for samsung star wifi?

  28. NO,there is not.
    If it is tell me please.
    if you have at least a little info i will continue searching for it.
    I only know the one for the lg cookie.
    Henkas iphone theme if you can find it for the samsung star i will help to continue in the โ€œlegendary searchโ€

  29. kresno permalink

    there is samsung star iphone firmware watch this vid:

  30. cell permalink

    I have an iphone firmware,
    watch this video en read the discription !!
    it works good !
    bud i am still searching igun with sound for s5230

  31. cell permalink

    sorry here is it ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    what is the code for samsung corby to go to internal menu and update javabase

  33. kresno permalink

    cell, do u know how to change the iphone firmware language? coz some people says its in italian. sry for my bad english

  34. cell permalink


    1.go to menu1
    2. Click impostaziozi (the settings iphone logo)
    3. click telefono
    4. click lingua
    5. click italiano and you can choose your language

    (I am Belgian and Dutch is not an option)

    on my iphone firmware has igun sound !!!

  35. ghost permalink

    give me the names of all games with accelerometer pls
    srry that i’m an asshole

  36. where i download that slide to unlock

  37. lol:It has the slide to unlock and another more apps.

  38. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    pls tell me what is the code for samsung corby for the internal menu to update the java base

  39. Mostafa permalink

    when I’m download games like Assasines Creed HD it doesn’t set up and give an error messege that file is not supported what I can do with this ?

  40. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    please answer my question samsungstarfun.

  41. rocking.darsh14:
    Menu code: * # 5239870 * #
    Internals: *#7092463*#
    For a game for more than 900kb you go internals, then STORAGE SETTINGS then UPDATE JAVA and finally CREATE AX DAT FILE.
    try that i don’t have the phone but i know how to google…

  42. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    u are great

  43. you are welcome,to server you…

  44. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    can i get smackdown vs raw 2010 full touchscreen for my corby

  45. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    how to make samsun star games make fit to samsung corby’s screen

  46. Faizan permalink

    a zippo lighter application would be cool…like the iphone has one

  47. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    pls give me the download link for s vs r 2010 and my answer to my question and also dogz 3d touchscreen game download link

  48. kaivalya permalink

    no game or softwares work on my samsung star

  49. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    pls answer

  50. I don’t know who was requesting this game bt here it is.

  51. vlady permalink

    i whant pro evolution 2010 please

  52. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    can i get pull face app and pocket guitar app download link.plssssssssssssssssss

  53. asie88(a random user) permalink

    i want accelerometer games…thank you in advance…more power! \m/

  54. miky.kissyou permalink

    guys where i can find assassins creed HD for samsung star cuz i can’t find it pls help… and by the way i don’t need the .sis version i need the .jar version pls HELP me!

  55. Erik permalink

    I want the sims 3 world adventures for the samsung star please.

  56. Zohaib permalink

    plz can u give me some games for my mobile star wifi because cant get anywere and also widgets

  57. ejem zohaib,all thi blog has games for the samsung star

  58. vando permalink

    o mano gostei do seu forum sou do brasil em

  59. Uhhh very strange theme i will look for it.

  60. Marko permalink

    Could you make a game like ”Papi jump” or ”Doodle Jump”
    with the motion sensor?

  61. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    can you give me the download link for uno (full touchscreen)

  62. alex permalink

    i want that app the one that open my phone like i phone slide to unlock

  63. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    pls give me the download link for uno(full touchscreen)

  64. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    plssssssss give the download link

  65. Matic permalink

    can you give me a link of any accelerometer games please? =)

  66. Dose someone hawe NFS Most Wanted (landscape) version?

    Thank You in advance!

  67. brendan permalink

    put up virtual zippo lighter please!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. here is another link who you can download more games

  69. bhagat permalink

    plz find fifa landscape game…
    infact any sport game in landscape mode

  70. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    can i get samsung pro cricket game plssssssssssss

  71. nirvan permalink

    Hi , i really love this blog, thanks for the games and apps but do you have iron man 2 for s5230

  72. I have all the games of the blog on my phone(i’m running out of memory on the phone)and there is not an iron man game.
    If it is it isn’t touch screen.

  73. Thank you DBK for all your posts i will post them on the blog when there are more than 10.

  74. Music Store ->

    Itunes Music Store (iphone) for Samsung Star (works with offline data) adapted by me, i hope all will love this application!


  75. Download both wgt and html file of each widget
    copy both to your phone
    open html file
    your widget will be downloaded (no internet connection needed)

    1.A fly
    html: /?d=8R9Y22GH


    2.analog clock2


    wgt: countdown






    7.Bubble foil

    wgt: countdown

    wgt: clock

    wgt: clock 2
    html: /?d=ORH5CFFG

    wgt: analog clock


    12.hd clock

    wgt: clock 2

    wgt: clock 1


    15.oil calculator

    html: clock


    17.I calender


    18.vodafone clock


    19.unit converter


    20.tic tac toe


    21.Tip calculator

    html: hero clock


    23.Iphone look

    wgt: clock

    html: live mail


  76. bhagat permalink

    fifa landscape??????
    plz dude……..

  77. j.inhibited permalink

    hi there. i would like to know if you any Final Fantasy games for the Samsung star. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. lolrofl permalink

    i want an iphone theme pls! ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. j.inhibited: I think theres is one but it is not full touch,do you want it although?
    lolrofl: There are more than one themes of iphone:
    Istar pre final:

  80. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    can i get uno full touchscreen

  81. bhagat permalink

    hey can u just try to find virtual dj .jar
    i dunno whether it’s there or not……plz do post if it’s there

  82. bhagat permalink

    i want touchscreen app.
    i want to mix songs in my mobile like the dj pro’s…..:P

  83. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    plssssssss give me the download link

  84. bhagat permalink

    @rocking.darsh14 : the link is available in this site…..
    just go thru all the links available

  85. bhagat permalink

    i want fifa game like this one….
    plz do it for me…

  86. Rohit permalink

    i want wimbledon 2009 hd

    • Marko permalink

      @ rohit
      The Samsung Star doesn’t support HD.
      Only Smartphones can run HD games (like the HTC hero)

  87. FreshD permalink

    I want all the accelerometer Games that you have

  88. Dragan permalink

    i got this new samsung f480 and i fond this clip but how did he get this firmware??? can you pls help plsss :)))

    • Marko permalink

      since it’s a samsung i think it work the same like the samsung star.
      The only thing you need is to find the firmware……
      (Google it)

  89. Rohit permalink

    give me the link for wimbledon 2009 or 2010 landscape mode

  90. darsh permalink

    plssssssssssssss can u give me the link for ebook reader for samsung corby and by the way the theme is nice

  91. besiri permalink

    i want VUVUZELA game ๐Ÿ˜€

  92. darsh permalink

    plssssssssssssssss answerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  93. Dhruv permalink

    can u give me Virtual zippo Application which can be runned on Samsung star.Thank You
    and there is 2 more application Virtual candle and virtual Guitar..if u can plzzz gv me these application…
    Thank You So much Sir

    • stefan permalink

      can you plz give me iphone zippo application and iphone inaked application and iphone i-Gun app.. for my samsung gt s5230

  94. 8801533184 permalink

    I need Samsung Pro Cricket for my Samsung GT-S52335S (Star) please….

  95. So… I would like to request Let’s Golf and Let’s go Bowling ๐Ÿ˜€ Please…
    Also…Tropical Towers.
    I know that you are busy but I was wondering… I really want to know how to make my phone display korean characters. E.g : I listen to korean songs and the title appears as boxes not korean characters. I want to fix this problem.Can you help me? ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you so much… ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. alfonsoj2021 permalink

    is the original alplicacion windows live. install properly on my samsung star. but not touch. I would like to amend it. to be completamete touch. and to activate the QWERTY keyboard.
    inform me when you ready for star samsung

  97. Its Azeem permalink

    hi this is azeem any one can give me the web addrees of prince of percia worrior within
    and pop sand of time returns pl i have samsung star touch gt-s5233A

  98. hi every 1 can any 1 give me incradibel hulk landscap mod i have samsung star touch gt s5233

  99. i chek daily your web plz help me to find this game of nfs mostwanted landscap mode plz its Azeem UP

  100. hi every one this blogg is realy very help full for me and this blog iss very good.
    Can any one help me to find th the mask And Mtrix and Nfs Most wanted in Landscap?
    did any one help me >A>

  101. Aki permalink

    plss if someone can send the link of assassins creed HD and not assassins creed 2 or brotherhood i already have them

  102. darsh permalink

    plsssssssssssssss give the android firmware for my mobile

  103. Andrรฉ permalink

    quero um tema maneiro para o samsung star s5620b

  104. MuTaZiA permalink

    i want samsung PC studio because i dont have and i dont find

  105. Yes,here you have.
    And remember to visit the page and reccomend it ,i’m loosing visits ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    MUTAZIo Here you are:

  106. Aivaras permalink

    plzzzz man i love your blog,but can you add virtual zippo in jar for s5230 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz respond!!!!!!!!!

  107. Alex permalink


  108. Albanez39 permalink

    Hey, I would like to play Angry Birds and Tiny Wings on my Samsung Star S5230, I have played them both on a firend’s iPhone and I also have Angry Birds for PC. So I was wondering if there is a Touchwiz version of these two games ?? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes i know them i have an ipod and they are VERY ADDICTIVEEEE but there isn’t such games for the star.
      But i am going to search if there is that gane but remember,angry birds is 20mb and star ganes are less than 1mb it would be diff.

    • Hey,angry birds i am posting it soon so visit de page daily that the angry birds HD is soon going to be posted.

      • Ward permalink

        hey, about angry birds,

        i downloaded almost every freakin angry birds for my Star, yet everytime it says: java error, or unknown file (translated). I tried the secret menu commands yet it doesnt work.

        on a side note, cant get to the download page of Assassins Creed HD in FunTouch.

      • The angry birds i posted is full working.
        the problem is that you have to or flash your phone or do what this post says.thats why this angry birds is hd…
        this post at the end do that and it will work…

      • Ward permalink

        and Assassins Creed HD? im just asking because the Funtouch isnt popping an download link/page.

        btw do you have any idea for the waiting time for the iPhone theme? cus it looks epic

  109. darsh permalink

    can i get a dj application like one in the iphone please

  110. lostmemories permalink

    cut the rope

    make it for the Samsung star please! I would be really thankfull,
    You are doing a great job, keep it up!

  111. Karma Fighter 240X400 for samsung star plzz

  112. devil hunter x (240×400) and (240×320) for samsung s5230 star plzzzzzzzzzz

  113. guitar hero 5 for samaung star ii (s5263) landscape version plzzz

  114. saiffarou permalink

    i want whatsapp program please

    • saiffarou permalink

      for samsung star wifi

    • I investigated a lot and whatsapp is not compatible with samsung star.
      Because watsapp need internet,maybe he samsung star wifi works but it has a low posibility.

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