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Here you can send any suggestion to the web.

It can be anything.

Example: I want the webpage to expand to diferent topics

Ok i will teel you what i’ll do.

That now its tim eto go crazy suggesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. rocking.darsh14 permalink

    can you put samsung corby s3653’s blog also

  2. I’ll see what i’ll do abot…

  3. Alex permalink

    I’ve heard abaut an new generation to call for your samsung mobile, u can download the file on

  4. ghost permalink

    there is a avatar game too (landscape) you can download that too to you’re webpage 🙂

  5. Ghost this is not the section to request a game,that section is “Request a game” but the same here is the link.

  6. dont jnow what to do permalink

    can anyone to tell me how put firmwares to samsung star?

  7. Matic permalink

    are these custom firmwares in english?

  8. Hey people i wiol delete this section if you don’t you it correctly.
    This is only for suggestion for the web not requesting a game.
    Don’t know what to do: look the tutorial (how to flash the samsung star)
    Matic: no there are like in russian or another language atrange and spanish.

  9. Faizan permalink

    Thank you sooo much… i got all the softwares ive been dying for on this blog

    btw could you please explain how to install the iphone firmware on my samsung star…
    and if i install iphone firmware…will current firmware be erased?

  10. Faizan:Please use the correcct section of the blog.
    NOw,you download the firm.
    Then follow this guide i have posted.
    When you have to put the .rc1,.rc2.ffs and all that files in the multiloader put the ones of the downloaded firm.
    ALl that firms are modified from the S5230MXEIL2.
    And the firm you have on your phone is erased.
    I teach you a trick.(becouse the phone erases all when you install all the firm complete.
    If you(when uploading with the mutliloader only upload the .rc1 file you will modifie the menun as the firm shows and the phone doesn’t delets everything.
    Hope to have helped,heres is the guide i told you so…

  11. Faizan permalink

    mm okaii…and thank you again
    and heres my suggestion …try to design ur blog a little more…as far as i know…this could be a MEGA BLOG for samsung star users

    you are the only person on the internet who gives out all info and apps in an xtremLy easy way 🙂

  12. You don’t like the idea of the blog i close it jeej.
    If you want i can have someone else helping me on the blog.
    What do you mean by mega blog?

  13. kaivalya permalink

    hey dude i really need to know y my mobile is not suporing java games
    plz reply
    i m feed up of searching games and applications for samsung star]
    u really need to help me out re

  14. kaivalya permalink

    hey dude my mobile dont support games and applications
    u really need to help me out
    i m feed up of this problem
    java games dont work on samsung star

  15. Why don’t you people understand how to use the sections of my blog!!!
    Kaivalya: You have to flash your samsung star.
    Osama if you want to send a video to help send it here and i will see if i put it in videos.

  16. Erikz permalink

    Coud you make windows 7 style with a sliding menu ?
    Like the start button in the taskbar,

  17. Faizan permalink

    dude…there is no sections for asking questions!

    there is just a REQUEST A GAME section or SUGGESTIONS…where do we ask questions??

  18. asie88(a random user) permalink

    Dude.. please don’t upload softwares,games,apps,firmwares and all those stuff on megaupload… u can just upload them on mediafire.. because megaupload is blocked here in Saudi Arabia.. thanks..

  19. asie88(a random user) permalink

    dude! upload english versions of firmware man.. the iphone frimware’s menu is not english..:( :((

  20. asie88:Ok will upload on megaupload.
    I can’t do anything there are just a little in english.

  21. asie88(a random user) permalink

    aw…alright… i mean.. DON’T upload on megaupload… 😀

    aw..hehe…its ok…btw…i love your blog..its awesome..\m/ more power dude..!!

  22. Faizan permalink

    i just installed the ipHone firmware on my star…its just greattttt!

  23. kristi permalink

    can you add more accelerometer games

  24. Kristi for you this post.The latest acelerometer game i’ve found.

  25. erik permalink

    Could you make the Windows 7 firmware in dutch ?

    Best firmware to use is S5230XXIG4

  26. jackie1482 permalink

    Could you also make the iphone firmware in dutch?

  27. Make a page only for gams and widget’s … and i will pot there all my widgets and games that i have .. and in time i will bring more

    Whit all my respect … thank you in advance!!!

  28. DBK i want to talk to you in some way.
    Or msn or mail just tell me or add me

  29. kristi permalink


  30. Kristi: You are not allowed to post a blog that is “a copy” of mine.
    It has no content.
    Then it has maybe we can do an “Alliance”.
    Fil it and then we talk.

    • kristi permalink

      im sorry that i copy your page but i like to open pages…….
      i like to get apps and share them with others soooo sorry.
      and whats your email address???Can you tell me please
      reply me pleaseeee

  31. yong permalink

    Hey, can you do dictionary or language translation apps? Thanks a lot!

  32. kristi permalink

    im sorry that i copy your page but i like to open pages…….
    i like to get apps and share them with others soooo sorry.
    and whats your real email address???
    reply me pleaseeee

  33. kristi permalink

    im sorry that i copy your page.
    whats your real email adrress??.???????

  34. kristi permalink

    im sorry that i copy your page.
    can you right me your email address??????????????????????

  35. kristi permalink

    oh my god
    i right many times unintentional sorry

  36. kristi permalink

    oh my god
    i right it many times unintentional sorry

  37. wowowowowowow take it easy man.i have no problem but put the FONT. mi email

    • kristi permalink

      i have you in my list in msn but you are never online

  38. Waterflames permalink

    There is a better version of the samsung star Ibeer app. You can find it here:

  39. Waterflames permalink


    I recently started developing apps, if you want a example, contact me!


  40. how to install themes on my samsung star NXT?????

  41. there is a game named DOODLE JUMP..which is available in motion sensor and normal version..u shud upload it..its very famous game…..if u want i can help u

  42. i Just want TO ask U sumthing

    are U engg or sumthing…hw u knw to create firmwares…..nd which Software u use to create firmwares

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